Ashura procession clash in Rawalpindi:

Rawalpindi:This sad incident occurred when a mob turned against police during a ashura procession in Raja Bazar Rawalpindi near Fawara chowk. The reports show that masjid and madrissa were burned along with ten building in raja bazar.


Truth about Rawalpindi Incident :

According to our reporter the riot started when in a non -shia masjid the sermon was being delivered on the way of shia procession in raja bazaar near fawara chowk. During sermon something was said against shia muslims due to which the shia-muslims tried to assault that person in that masjid, the police force present there tried to control the situation but mob was made there and the shia muslims snatched guns from police force and soon the situation was out of control.DBD6B9EB74913D3EDC67333CBD57_h420_w622_m2_q80_cUgOAGwDk

Situation was totally out of control:

The Express report group, along with other media personnel were assaulted by unidentifiedmen.
A large contingent of blaze brigades, rescue teams and as many as six army businesses were summoned to command the position.
According to Rescue 1122 sources‚ the injured have been accepted in locality head office clinic.
accounts furthermore indicate that a mosque and madrassah were burned down. Ten structuresare renowned to have been decimated.
whereas the firing halted, the fire at Raja Bazaar could not be extinguished for a long time.

Any speech or sermon even if it is outrageous should not force any one to attack a mosque.this is terrorism.those radical mob mentality holders should be put to death.

Instead of demanding to ban procession you should ask your beloved CJ why he and his mates (whole judiciary) did not take any action when terrorist are in their court. I do not think that putting ban on such activities will result in peace however, demanding ban on extermism and their supporting groups will result in peace no matter if the group belongs to shia, sunni bralvi, sunni deobandi etc. If these groups are banned in true spirit you’ll see the result.

Two nations theory_ Muslims of India needs a separate homeland to practice their faith. So, a country be created for Muslims of India, because they cannot practice their faith while living with people of other faiths. Since the creation of Pakistan we see hundreds of such incidence every year which prove that theory wrong……. Create a new theory now, otherwise we will no longer be a country.

media is also not shown interest in this matter. even famous tv channals not covered this incident. God knows what is fact. but which one is responsible canadian pharmacy viagra should be punished. hope for justice. look what the other non muslims are saying about us.

well lets not forget the facts. It is all together the unbelivable successful efforts of all security agencies to make the day peaceful but such sermons cause tensions and panic to disturb peace process. Mosque is a place to pray not to say bad things. The matter should observed carefully.